About Us

Company History

The Daniel Baum Company is a family business that markets natural animal health products including feeds and supplements for a variety of animals and livestock. Our company was born out of a third-generation family business active in manufacturing fermented sausage products. The discovery of a new process to speed up the fermentation of Baum’s Sweet Bologna led to breakthrough product development, which resulted in the founding of the Daniel Baum Company in 1984. We continue to maintain our ties with the family bologna business while becoming a leader in delivering solutions for health and productivity.

Commitment to Excellence

The Daniel Baum Company is led by Dan Baum; who has built upon a degree in agriculture from Penn State University with over 35 years of experience in microbiology. In addition, our staff has practical expertise in business, agriculture sales and animal health. We are ready to answer questions and help with the solutions you need. Partnering with other quality-driven companies has enabled us to grow and increase efficiency while remaining exceedingly responsive to our customer’s changing needs. We are most proud of our reputation for top-quality products and outstanding service.

After over 35 years of existence, you can trust we know the business we’re in. LIRA GOLD® products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility. We also understand and continue to research the animals we feed, enabling us to create the best quality products with a perfect balance of premium ingredients. This is how we have built a strong brand in the animal feed and supplement niche over the years.

To maintain the high-quality products our customers have come to expect from us, we pay great attention to detail. Everything we do is calculated to ensure cost effectiveness while upholding the high-quality standards that have enabled the LIRA GOLD brand to achieve its current status as a market leader.

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