NeoGold Capsules

Lira NeoGold Capsules for calves are manufactured with 100% porcine gelatin capsules and feature premium nutrient blends for positive dose supplementation of calf feeding protocols.

Show season is stressful on animals. Between the heat in the barns to the transportation from show to show, one of the hardest things to do is to keep your animals from going off feed, but we never have to worry about that. We see better growth on animals that are on LIRA GOLD® – it promotes feed intake, increases feed utilization and keeps the rumen functioning well.”
- Bruce Keener, Commodity Blenders, West Salem, OH.

Lira NeoGold Pecti-MOS

Lira NeoGold Pecti-MOS is a premium capsule for digestive upset featuring charcoal, effective fiber, beta-glucans, MOS and vitamins A, D3 and E. Provide Lira NeoGold Pecti-MOS as nutritional support during times of stress during shipping, diarrhea or digestive upset, or when fat soluble vitamin supplementation is warranted.

Feeding Instructions: For cattle less than 500 pounds, administer two to four capsules per head, one time per day for up to three days.

Standard Packaging: 50 count canisters

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