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Cow Appetite Stimulant

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Supplements should be considered to help offset stress conditions such as before and after calving or following antibiotic treatment, weather changes, shipping, depressed appetite, feedlot processing, vaccinations, dehorning, castration or when there is only poor quality feeds available to the animal.

It is well known that stress reduces the number of beneficial intestinal microflora (bacteria) and upsets the balance between beneficial and non-beneficial or pathogenic microflora. As long as the proper balance of beneficial microflora to non-beneficial microflora exists, the intestinal tract functions essentially as it should. If this balance is upset and the beneficial microflora are reduced or lose their competitive edge, predisposition to various diseases can occur as well as reduced feed efficiency.

Why Use Cow Appetite Stimulants?

Digestive dysfunctions are a common issue on any dairy farm. This is because cows have a complex digestive system to accommodate their diet. To be effective, the cow’s stomach must have enough good bacteria to digest the fiber and counter the growth of bad bacteria.

This, however, is not always the case. Sometimes the cow may have limited good microflora in the intestine, causing them to experience some difficulties in digestion. This will limit their ability and willingness to eat.

When your cow stops eating, many things could be wrong. Sick or stressed cows that are not able to eat generally have a low appetite, resulting in weight loss, reduced milk production or even an increased risk for a number of diseases. Also, if the cow is experiencing any discomfort in their digestive system, they will avoid eating. This is where the cow appetite stimulants come in handy.

Benefits of Cow Appetite Stimulators

Cow appetite stimulants give your cow the necessary microflora to improve the cow’s digestive system. These direct-fed microflorae create a good balance of necessary bacteria in the cow’s stomach. They also help to eliminate any bad bacteria and the resultant toxins.

A cow appetite stimulator does not work by simply getting the cow to eat more. Rather, these direct-fed microflorae clean the cow’s digestive system to enhance the digestion process and enable the cow to eat comfortably. The micro-organisms introduced into the cow’s stomach aid the digestion of fiber in the cow’s diet. Without an appetite stimulant, the cow will not be able to digest effectively.

Do Calves Need Appetite Stimulants?

Calves also have trouble with digestion when they’re subjected to stressful conditions. And while it may not be possible to completely eliminate the stressors, introducing calf appetite stimulants will help the calf cope.

When under stress, the calf is already struggling. So, if they don’t eat, they’ll get sick and weak. When the calf is able to eat, however, they’ll regain their energy and gain the ability to face their stresses with ease.

Common Situations Requiring Cow Appetite Stimulants

One of the greater benefits of using cow appetite stimulants is that you’ll be able to effectively maintain the body condition of your livestock even during periods of stress. Some of the situations that will demand appetite stimulation include:

  • Before and after calving
  • During shipping
  • While being vaccinated
  • Throughout weather changes

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